Tuesday 21st May 2013 Daily

Today’s offering; a preview of Alix Perez new album “Chroma Chords” and two promo mix’s in anticipation of Origins summer event.

Yesterday saw the release of Alix Perez’s highly anticipated “Chroma Chords”. The thirteen track digital version is full of rolling bangers with the impeccable production that you come to expect from Perez, accompanied by some slower, more experimental tunes. A personal favourite is the heavy hitting track titled “Warlord – ft. Riko Dan” providing some darker jungle vibes alongside more soulful tracks such as “Playing Games” which are more akin to Perez’s earlier productions.

Playlist of full album: https://soundcloud.com/shogunaudio/sets/alix-perez-chroma-chords

After releasing the heavy line up for their next event, Origins have provided two new promo mix’s available for free download. “Wen” supplies a diverse range of tracks across the 130 range with “Axon and Arkaik” providing some deeper forward thinking 170 tunes. Check them out below!

Tickets available from https://www.facebook.com/events/126719654188942/