Thursday 9th May 2013

Over a week into exam season now and hostilities and tensions are rising in student houses. It’s a dog eat dog world as the cleaning rota is no longer respected as the sole text that holds the very fabric of the house together. Here’s some music and mixes to remind you that one day order will be restored and your house will no longer resemble an industrial cesspool.

Emperor – ‘Begin’ EP

Known for his frantic live sets, Emperor’s latest work is an eclectic mixture of soaring melody and the dark, messy undertones that he is so well known for. If you aren’t familiar with Emperor, check out the promotional mix that he made for Critical’s Milton Keynes show back in March down below.

Emperor’s latest work meshes his iconic corybantic style with some fantastic female vocals from Georgia Yates on ‘Begin’, whilst ‘She Said’ manages to use what sounds like a very filthy double bass. The new EP shows that Emperor’s production style is evolving into a hybrid of styles, give it a listen.

My Nu Leng – ‘Trap Magazine Mix… Rise Up #10’

I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve had multiple opportunities to see My Nu Leng, Mole has repeatedly told me that the Bristol twosome are quality but I’ve always been hopelessly drawn to  the dark riddims which emanate from the Drum and Bass room. After listening to this mix, I now wish I hadn’t been a fool and spent nigh on 6 hours in one room all night like an idiot. It’s laid-back and chilled. Perfect for revision.