Wednesday 8th May 2013 Daily

After a long bank holiday weekend, here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to, and some food for thought music-wise.

A Guy Called Gerald
In a bank holiday special event in Nottingham, A Guy Called Gerald (Gerald Simpson) completely immersed the LaceHouse audience with a hypnotic live set. The techno veteran of almost 25 years was the headline act on the night that included Kowton, Arp101, Alex Patchwork and Tusk Wax. The most interesting facet of the set was the live element. Layering an array of industrial sounds and 808 drums and claps, Simpson allows his audience to become hypnotised and lost in the euphoric textures. Simpson was followed by Kowton who delivered a continuation of his set that just tipped into a slightly too industrialised vibe before reigning it back to finish. All in all it was a great way to spend the bank holiday and I would highly recommend seeing A Guy Called Gerald or at least to check out his back catalogue. For now here’s the infamous, Voodoo Ray and a video showing how Gerald can play with an analogue set up:

Voodoo Ray

Analogue Set Up

Kowton Vs. Julio Bashmore

At the end of March it was announced that Kowton would be pairing up with Julio Bashmore to release the Mirror Song EP. The EP was released on Broadwalk on May 5th and only includes 2 tracks and a remix of the Mirror Song but it definitely signifies a dominant marriage by Kowton’s influence over Julio Bashmore’s. Accordingly, the video for the title track was released last week and here it is. 

Kowton – And What

Birmingham “Mostly Jazz Funk Soul Festival”
If you are looking for something slightly different this summer, the Birmingham ‘Mostly Jazz Funk Soul Festival’ has a promising line-up including Bonobo. Tickets are £40 for a day ticket for any of the 3 days the festival spans, right in the middle of summer. For further information, click the poster below to go through to the official website.

Jazz Soul copy