Friday 3rd May 2013 Daily: Matt Jeffery

It’s Friday again, and thank Christ it is too. As I’m sure you’re all too aware, we’re stuck deep down in the depths of exam season, a time that comes back around every year a little too often. Friday’s are great for me personally at the moment, because I get to take some time out write about what I love and try and bring a little bit of that to you. This week, I have no real structure, no real planning to my post, it’s going to be a bit all over the place, something fairly synonymous with the pattern of revision and learning I currently seem to be carving myself on these warm nights sat in my cell at the back of 2B. Let’s do it…


Resident Advisor: Detroit

This is just beautiful and haunting and educational all rolled into a nice audiovisual package. An little look into the city that once was, do take the time out to watch this, you won’t regret it.


Hush House Mix:43 Presk

I’ve followed this blog for a long time but fell out of love with it about a year ago, it looks to be making a good comeback. A lot of the Hush House stuff will have you exploring the various musical caverns that inhabit the internet. It’s a great site with some pretty decent insights. This mix from Presk is quite good for those final evening revision hours.


Eglo Records Compilation

Eglo Records are celebrating 4 years of the label with the release of a very nice double CD, featuring the likes of Fatima, Funkineven and recently announced Seedy Sonics headliner Floating Points.


Staple/Pigeon New Website

Personal inspiration and Staple/Pigeon owner Jeff Staple just released the new website for the design house and shop. Check it out here at STAPLE. He really is an all-rounder when it comes to the scene, producing, designing, creating and teaching. Check out some of the videos on the man himself on the website.


Umami – Sunny (Original Mix)

This is a huge track that’s climbed the Beatport charts with undeniable speed. A real banger with summer vibes (funnily enough).


Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto – Who’s The Douche? EP

Decent bit from the men who never fail to bring the fire, not so much seasonal as it is just bangin’ Chicago style House music. Tidy 4-Track EP from Darius Syrossian and Hector Couto on Hot Creations. Ch-ch-ch-check it oooouuuutttt.


Mix Of The Week: Dusky – Radio 1 Essential Mix

This is a ridiculous mix from late last year, just banger after banger. I don’t really think I’ve enjoyed any Essential Mix as much as this. Dusky really killed it last year (as most of the tracks on this mix display), and 2013 doesn’t look like they’re slowing down, with a recent release on Aus Music, they’re going places. HAPPY FRIDAY KIDS…