Thursday 2nd May 2013

May. Exams. A ting. Allow. Some tunes to perk you up during thisĀ  bleak abyss of revision.

Letherette – Album Sampler

I put up Letherette’s ‘D&T’ remix E.P. a fortnight ago and now their new album is out, as of 15/04/2013. Listen to this fantastic mix of the album to get an idea of how sick it is. Chilled, beat-driven house mixed in with some funk.

Mount Kimbie – ‘Made To Stray’

Mount Kimbie are an electronic duo from London. Their last album, Crooks and Lovers, made a huge impact in June 2010 with its minimalist approach to House music. They’ve recently released ‘Made To Stray’ off their forthcoming album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, out on May 27/28th, for free. It’s a fantastic tune with a fist-pumping beat, intruiging use of horns, and a sick vocal hook as the song concludes. You can download the track for free here. If ‘Made To Stray’ is anything to go by, expect Cold Spring Fault Less Youth to be as decent as its predecessor. Check out ‘Carbonated’ from Crooks and Lovers down below to get a feel for the first album.

Lenzman – ‘Empty Promise’ (META006)

Lenzman’s has two new releases on Metalheadz. ‘Empty Promise’ and ‘Broken Dreams’. These tunes sound wonderfully layered with glittering harmonies and strong basslines. Give them a listen.

Best of luck to those in the middle of exams, and to those who are yet to begin.