Friday 26th April 2013 Daily

This week has been a boring romp for many: very little sunlight, countless pages of reading and extended, late-night sessions in stuffy library cells next to fellow scholars catching a few z’s. However, our lack of enthusiasm has not dampened the spirits of many music-heads, which makes for a wonderful Friday, especially if you’re not getting up at 6:30am tomorrow morning. A little exploration has lead me to a few diamonds, a few very decent announcements and again a wonderful mix to finish up before the albeit boring weekend arrives.

Seedy Sonics Summer Party & Dimensions Launch Party @ The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham

This week we were blessed with the announcement of the final acts at this years, now infamous, Summer shindig. For those that remember last year’s party, they will know that shit kicks off when the Seedy boys do their thing on a Summer’s eve. Here is the poster for the party. I think you will all agree that this is one to put straight on the calendar.


For me, it is mighty difficult to pick any one of this massive line-up to spotlight for this week, so I’m going to pick a few of my favourites for your enjoyment, and do remember not to miss this fucking huge party.

Buy Tickets Here:

Facebook Event Page:

Klose One

This is just an incredible mix. Posted by the Seedy boys themselves when this one was announced. Absolutely smashes it.


A consistent artist to say the least, entering new realms with collaborations with firm favourite Joy Orbison, here’s the “Mercy Feat. Joy Orbison (Boddika’s VIP)

Dub Phizix

This is the elephant in the room. It may be cliché, it may be overplayed, but after all, its a fucking huge tune.

LFM & Mali

This mix is a promo from H&B Extended Family LFM & Mali for the recently highly successful 10:31 night (put on by the 02:31 guys). This is a few months old now, but it still hits all the right spots with a cocktail of deep house, garage, jackin and even a bit of Chicago for the purists among us. You won’t turn it off let’s put it that way.

Couer De La Nuit – Ferdinand Dreyssig & Marvin Hey

We love a little audible exploration at H&B, this is something a little out of the ordinary that caught my eye (ear?) this week. See what you think…

Rock My World (Jullian Gomes Remix) – Black Coffee Feat. Soulstar

This is a little bit of easy listening for your Saturday afternoon, take a lean back in your library chair and relax for a few, see how good you feel after a little bit of this.

Cyril Hahn – Winter Wonderland Mix for Wonderland Mag

In my search for laid back tracks and sets for revision time listening I came across this from H&B favourite and Vancouver resident, Cyril Hahn. This week we have two mixes for two reasons; Reason 1: Revision and study calls for less time picking music and more time enjoying it. Reason 2: These are two wicked mixes. Enjoy, as I have.

Waze and Odyssey – Boiler Room Berlin Set

To finish up this week, a huge one for BR Berlin. Waze and Odyssey killing it on the 1s and 2s, happy weekend H&Ber’s…