Wednesday 24th April 2013 Daily

Lots of busy people at the moment, revising, working and making music so here are some of my picks from the past week including Gorgon City, Kode9, Throwing Snow and Akkord.

Gorgon City – “Intentions” ft. Clean Bandit (Trailer)

Yesterday saw the release of an exciting teaser trailer from the Black Butter Records boys that gets any Gorgon City fan hyped for what’s about to come – all three seconds of it. Following in the mould of their previous hits, “Real” and “Odyssey”, it looks like the boys are moving towards the garage end of the house scene, which has become a pretty popular direction in the past couple years. And with Glastonbury, Bestival, Parklife and Hideout festivals already booked, it looks like this house/garage fusion has no intentions of slowing down (pun intended). So here’s the teaser and the Nick Grimshaw-endorsed track “Real” that you might know them for.

Kode9 – “Xingfu Lu”

“Xingfu Lu” is the new release from the veteran of dubstep, Steve Goodman a.k.a. Kode9 on his label, HyperDub. “Xingfu Lu” is the hard hitting, bass-centric track that you would expect from Kode9 but shows his new musical influences too. I think a little look at his track listing for the upcoming Rinse:22 Mix coming this May that includes Rustie, Burial and Terror Danjah gives a little hint. “Xingfu Lu” evolves from a standard dub beat into a techy and percussive blend that switches between a variety of percussive instruments that provides a sick heavy-feel synonymous with HyperDub releases. The song goes through somewhat distinct phases due to some drum beats that are all held together by recurring, dark melodic drones – a real masterclass in how to compose a progressive track. It’s officially released April 29 and definitely worth your money, but you can listen to it here first:


Finally, the Boiler Room team have been on fire with two very worthwhile, but different sets this week; Akkord and Throwing Snow (Live). Check out Akkord’s set for some dark grime, including “Back and Forth”, that sure to get your necks swingin’. Meanwhile the live Throwing Snow set from Monday’s Boiler Room upload mixes a series of old and new ideas as well as some off the cuff stuff too, with a cheeky little appearance from Snow Ghosts at the end. If you enjoy listening to Clamor/Aspera/Wallow then it’s definitely worth a listen.

Throwing Snow LIVE