Monday 22nd April 2013

Today’s offering comes in the form of a new release from Rustie, Jaymo & Andy George and the new Outlook Festival promo video.

Rustie – Triadzz/Slasherr

Everybody’s favourite, Rustie, has got new double single out for your listening pleasures. ‘Triadzz/Slasherr’ showcases everything that Rustie is about, jumping genres from track to track, whilst retaining unquestionably clean production. ‘Triadzz’ perfectly demonstrates Rustie’s love for anything Dub. The heavy hitting track features a stereotypical long Rustie intro and a drop heavy enough to get you screwing your face up in disgust. ‘Slasherr’ operates along the same lines. A long intro building up to a drop that makes your bones shake. Both songs are absolute stompers and the kind of tracks Rustie produces on every release. It is out now on Numbers and well worth a few of your hard earned pennies.

Jaymo & Andy George Moda Black Volume II

April 15th saw the release of ‘Moda Black Volume II’. Curated by Jaymo and Andy George, the album features 14 completely new songs from the Moda Black boys and extended family. It really is a special release and one to get very excited about. With tracks from; Ben Pearce, Huxley, Ejeca, Shadow Child, Hot Since 82 and of course, Jaymo and Andy George themselves, this album brings home the goods in spectacular fashion. The highlight of the album for me comes in the form of ‘Bending Albert’s Law’  by Shadow Child and Karin Park. In my opinion, Shadow Child is the perfect amalgamation of Deep and Jackin House, this track highlights why I feel this way. With a deep bassline that does not fall into the trap of disconnection from the beat and a beautiful vocal, ‘Bending Albert’s Law’ is nothing short of the usual quality Shadow Child churns out on a regular basis these days. The album is available on Chemical Records now, have a butchers, you would be silly not to.

Outlook Sound System Culture

As some of you may or may not be aware, Outlook Festival are releasing regular promo videos showcasing the different genres of music they have in store for people venturing to Croatia in August. A Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass video has already been released and the other day saw the turn of the Sound System Culture that Outlook is so famed for. The video takes you on a trip into the wizardry world of Sound Systems and with a little help from a Reggae soundtrack, showcases the lengths people go to, to create the perfect sound for the perfect music. With guest appearances from; Gentleman’s Dub Club, Dub Smugglers, General Roots and Submotion Orchestra, this video is the perfect way to get on with the all important job of procrastinating.