Friday 19th April 2013 Daily

A lot has occurred this past week in the music world, and this is not just limited to the bass scene. Whether it be the official return of your favourite French Electro-Pop outfit, the news that the worlds busiest man – Jamie XX – just got busier or simply a humble release you’ve been craving from that label you love so much, we’ve had it pretty good.

The weekend has returned, dear friends. For many of us, the days all seem to be melding into one, a weekend means very little anymore as university exams and deadlines rear their heads once again (and for some the last time). We expect those of you who aren’t pursuing academic endeavours to make up for our lack of enthusiasm in the coming weeks, we will all be back come late May, making up for lost time. But for now, here’s a few things that’ll hopefully brighten up an otherwise dull Friday sat in a library somewhere, trying to remember what ‘going out’ feels like.


Daft Punk – Get Lucky Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

A teaser made its way onto our televisions and computers just under a week ago. Rumours had been circulating about the new release and this whet the appetites of all those yearning for the return of the maestros that are Daft Punk. Drafting in rapper Pharrell Williams on the vocals and legend guitarist Nile Rodgers on the strings, the new track is available as of yesterday on iTunes and anywhere else that people may/may not buy music from. Here is a decent version of the track from forthcoming album “Random Access Memories” for your ears to indulge in…


Jamie XX working with Drake on new album “Nothing Was The Same”

Possibly a bittersweet moment for many diehard fans of Mr. XX. On the one hand, Jamie XX will get a great deal of exposure and more than likely make some incredible music, on the other, I know a lot of people not too keen on Mr Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham’s musical efforts. I myself am in great support of both of these artists. Jamie XX is an incredibly talented and versatile artist who seems to create magic wherever he lays his hands. The amount he features on High&Bye is testimony to the amount of love we’ve got for him as an artist, DJ, producer…the list goes on. On Drakes sophomore album, “Take Care”, the namesake lead single sampled Jamie XX’s song “I’ll Take Care Of You” with the late, great Gil Scott-Heron. Drake has since been hankering after studio time with Jamie and it looks like a decent chunk of “Nothing Was The Same” will feature his work, something which I am very much looking forward to, you should be to.

Here is the track, with the original Gil Scott-Heron vocals, something beautiful.

And here’s the video for Drake’s (second – sort of) most recent release, “5AM In Toronto”.


Justin Jay – Static

Monday saw a massive and more than possibly, underrated two-track from Justin Jay released on Beatport. The 19 year old producer has created a Jekyll/Hyde monster of a tape, marking his third release on the the omnipresent dirtybird imprint.
Side A – Static: A cross between Dappy by Hannah Wants and Source 16 by Redlight. A ridiculous stomper which could well be mashing up a dancefloor near you very soon.
Side B – Waves: A wavy, easy, laid-back hark to Ballearic house vibes with the image of a beach and a cocktail in hand.
All in all about as well-rounded a release as two tracks will allow.


The Nina Kraviz ‘Bathgate’ Scandal

It seems like ‘Bathgate’ has come to an end this week after Maceo Plex has publicly apologised for what outsiders were calling ‘macho’ and ‘sexist’ behaviour. For those that don’t know, a comment that Maceo Plex made following the Resident Advisor video following DJ and producer Nina Kraviz touring has caused a lot of bother in the industry these past couple of weeks. He has publicly apologised to all those offended by the incident and had this to say on the subject.

MC: “I don’t want to search her out, I want us to cross paths as you said – If we have a moment to speak, in a civil way without any kind of arguing, I just want to express to her that I drew up my opinion of the video and other images of her and I made that opinion public, which is wrong. I’ll tell her the same thing when I apologise in person.”


T.Williams 35 Min Boiler Room Set

Making this a Friday tradition, I will try and pick out a bang tidy mix for you to start shuffling too on a Friday afternoon/ evening in preparation for the ensuing weekend debauchery. All those available to party, please do so. We’ll be joining you in a matter of weeks. For now, here is a ridiculous, nutty, blast-from-the-past style BR set with a few classics and not a dull moment.