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Seedy Sonics Outlook Launch Party

March 15th saw the return of Seedy Sonics annual celebration of Europe’s premier Bass music festival, Outlook. The 2012 launch party was a mix of; acidic House, dark Drum & Bass and Techno with a world class Beat boxer thrown in for good measure.

This year’s event was a meticulously planned Cocktail of music; with the lucid, transient beats of Phaeleh being the mixer, the heavy hitting sounds of Icicle and Emporer acting as the Vodka and the soulful rhythms of Addison Groove the fruit to complete the Cocktail. With additional support from Paleman, Tessela, Shadow City, and of course, the Seedy DJ’s, the night was enough to quench the thirst of any bass music aficionados in need of some musical refreshment.

With the usual ‘rushed pre-drinks – shotgun not booking taxi – should have worn a jacket for this queue’ inevitabilities done and dusted, it was time for another instalment of Seedy goodness.

As the clock struck 12, Bristol based Phaeleh was welcomed to the stage. Returning to the Outlook launch party for his second year running, he soon had every head in the Warehouse bouncing in perfect unison to the beautifully crafted Dubstep sound that he possesses. Tunes of his own creation such as ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Lament’ perfectly complimented the celestial vibe present throughout the entire set.

Anybody who managed to escape from the entrancement of the Pied Piper in the Warehouse may have been lucky enough to see the funky threesome of Brownbear, General Hau and Max Gold warming the stage more than adequately for the ensuing Drum & Bass takeover. The eclecticism that these three have become known for was demonstrated no better than the remix of ‘One Pound Fish’ that got dropped, and somehow, managed to work. I even found myself trying to convince the barman to give me 6 for £5 on Smirnoff Ice afterwards.

Emporer and Icicle were undoubtedly the main attractions in the Garden. The boys from Critical and Shogun did not disappoint. Tearing through their respected sets with fierce precision and unrivalled tenacity, they took Garden dwellers on a fast paced, sweaty journey to all corners of the Drum & Bass world. Both sets were a credit to the DJ’s who dispelled any hushed rumours that Drum & Bass is dead and showed all present why Outlook’s provision of D&B cannot be matched.

Back in the Warehouse Addison Groove showcased his hybrid sound to great effect, showing why he stacked up seven releases on Tempa (a feat only matched by Skream). Mixing Juke, Dubstep, House and every other genre of Bass Music that was present during his set is no easy task, yet he managed with consummate ease, reminding us all just why he is such a revered DJ and his presence on the seemingly endless Outlook line-up is fully justified. The roof of the Warehouse was almost propelled into the dark Digbeth skyline when he dropped ‘footcrab’. His set was a complete contrast to his predecessors, yet he controlled the CDJ’s and the crowd in equal measure, providing a multi-genre set of pure genius.

Unfortunately a date with my Saturday job meant I had to cut my night shorter than I would have liked, only managing to see a short selection of Paleman’s set was a disappointment. Half of the team responsible for ‘Boiler’, one of Swamp81’s latest and best releases, to say I was looking forward to his unique brand of Tech House to be rolled out was an understatement. I had hoped my fellow H&B partners would be able to help me with this part of the review, but unfortunately inebriation levels had reached a stage where the memory bank turns into an industrial sized sieve. I can say in confidence, from the reports of some soberer friends not plighted with the ill fortune of being a shelf stacker in Waitrose, that his set was a treat to the ears.

All in all, the night was all that we regular Seedy goers have come to expect. Disappointment and Seedy Sonics just aren’t words that go together.  The night represented everything Seedy and Outlook are about; the best Bass music, in the best places, with the best people.

For all of you blessed with a Golden ticket to Pula in August, I hope to see you there, reciprocating the vibes. For all of you that aren’t going to Outlook,  buy a ticket, go to Outlook.

Go on the website and check it out for yourself.

Any of you bass hungry heads wanting to get a slice of the Seedy action, the next event is May 31st, here’s the link…