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An Independent Review with And.Also Clothing, London

Who are you and what do you do? Tell a little about the brand and its

We are AND.ALSO and we specialise in bringing limited edition products to anyone and everyone, our designs feature bold patterns consisting of floral aspecs. The brand started with one fashion designer and one graphic designer, bringing both ideas to the table we created AND.ALSO.

Where are you based? Does this contribute to the kind of work that you put

We are currently based in the London area and we use the city as our inspiration for what the people out there want to be wearing.

What Inspires and Drives you as a Brand?

Our inspiration comes from bold patterns/colours we get inspired by nature and love using tropical themes, bringing the hot weather to the UK.
We saw that skate clothing was very limited to girls so we wanted to bring something to the market that is unisex.
Also limited edition products have driven the brand, we wanted to create a brand that would allow people to buy into limited edition products at an affordable price.

Where could you see yourselves a few years down the line? What’s next for
you as a brand?

We are looking to expand our brand in the UK and International stores, and we would like to bring in more accessories to the online store. Something that we intend to do is sponsor up and coming talent.

Are you looking to collaborate with any of these artists or brands at all?

We don’t have any brands that directly inspire us but we love looking at what others do. Currently we arent looking to do any fashion collaborations, but are keeping our eyes open for all other collaborations.

Check out And.Also clothing on Facebook and their main website where you can cop a lot of decent clothing for very fair prices. Go there now…

Here’s a few picks from the And.Also online shop.