Thursday 11th April 2013

Here’s my latest in music and art from this week kids, enjoy.

Tyler, The Creator – ‘Wolf’

Leader of OFWGKTA and a successful musician in his own right, Tyler’s April 2nd release completes his dark trilogy in spectacular fashion. His previous albums ‘Bastard’ and ‘Goblin’ were defined by their fantasic blend of schizophrenic rapping and gentle clarity as Tyler delves into a number of alter-egos. I personally sat on the fence with Tyler’s work but his latest album, with its diversity and great variation in melodies and beats, has made me a true fan. The originality in the album may stem from Tyler’s desire to branch out into other genres apart from rap; he said early on in production that the album would be less focused on rapping and more on spoken word, hip-hop, beats, and neo-jazz.

Tyler’s potential as more than just as a musician is put on display with the release of the album as well. The video for ‘IFHY’ is eery in nature but difficult to take your eyes away from. If Tyler keeps doing what he’s doing, he definitely has a promising future as a video director. Tracks ‘Cowboy’, ‘IFHY’, ‘Jamba’, and ‘PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer’ all stood out for me as absolute bangers on the album so give them a listen. But definitely listen to the album the whole way through, it’s rewarding. All in all, a fantastic album and I think we can look forward to whatever new direction Tyler decides to follow with his next release. You can listen to the whole album down below.

M:Pathy – ‘Running Away’ (Clip)

Riding strong after his recent release on Terabyte Records (TB004), which we showcased last Wednesday on Mole’s Daily, M:Pathy has just released a clip of a new track. ‘Running Away’ demonstrates his versatility when it comes to production. In contrast with his previous releases, the track takes a calmer approach whilst its atmosphere is insidious and haunting. Check it out down here and keep an eye out for the finished version.

Letherette – ‘D&T and ‘Letherette’

Letherette’s sound is reminiscent of Bobby Tank, and The Knife. Beat-driven, synthy house that is as fun as it is infectious. They recently released a single called ‘D&T’ witha number of remixes that are, dare I say it, better than the originally. Check them out below.

Letherette are also releasing their self-titled album on April 15th. Check out two tracks from the recent album that show the potentially wide spectrum their album will have. ‘Warstones’ is funky, sounding like a subtler version of Justice’s work. ‘Surface’ is pretty chilled and a great listen too.