Wednesday 10th April 2013 Daily

Today you’ve got the first word about the freshest bass music night in Birmingham, some unreleased Jam City tracks available for download and a word on Four Tet’s 38 minute release “0181” from earlier this year. Evidently, another great week.

Origins – Line Up Teaser
The latest bass music night to take off in Birmingham has been Origins, and in preparation for their night on June 7th, they offered a little line-up teaser on Sunday night’s Dusk FM show.
For the Room 1 (drum ‘n’ bass heads) you’ve got the dark, gritty tunes of Axon b2b Arkaik who will feature 4th on the bill, following support acts, M:Pathy and LJ. M;Pathy featured on my last daily so if you want a preview, check out WED/03/APR. Also for Room 2, I am extremely excited to see Blackwax appearing 3rd on the bill, following support from K1 the resident dub step DJ for the night. From what we can tell, it’s going to look a little like this;

Room 1 (DnB)
2nd on Bill

3rd on Bill
Axon b2b Arkaik
M:Pathy and LJ

Room 2 (Bass)
2nd on Bill
4th on Bill

Origins will be releasing two promo mixes, one for each room in the coming weeks along with the full line up. To keep up to date with the line-up, venue and for tickets, head over to the Origins Birmingham Facebook page.

So in lieu of the upcoming promos, here are a few tracks to tickle your taste buds.

Arkaik – Lost

Blackwax – Trapped Dub

Jam City – “Some Music For You”
Night Slugs resident, Jam City, announced yesterday that he would be allowing the free download of over 20 unreleased tracks. Entitled “Memories… Of How it Used to Be”, the zip file can be downloaded either in 192kbps or 320kbps from SendSpace, but the 2 parts for the full 320kbps are here and here. No one wants 192kbps, we’re not animals. Enjoy.

Four Tet – 0181
The 38 minute track is a controversial, mixtape-style release from Four Tet earlier on this year and is compiled of tracks composed between 1997-2001. Although some of it sounds quite fresh, this must to be attributed to the structure of the track rather than the ideas and sounds as it falls back on the soft harp sound that is all too familiar in his earlier work. This is probably due to the fact the track was compiled ten years after it was all originally recorded. Nonetheless, “0181” is still definitely worth a listen, if you can spare the time!

Clean Bandit – Mozart’s House [My Nu Leng Remix]
Something new from one of my favourites artists, My Nu Leng, on a remix of Clean Bandit’s, “Mozart’s House”. Just listen.

Lil Silva X Banks
Although the video was released at the beginning of the year, this tune is only recently gaining traction. It’s a great mix of Lil Silva’s sound embellished by Banks light vocals.

Crazy Cousinz – The Funky Anthem (Murlo fix)
This is a sick remix on the classic funky house anthem, “The Funky Anthem”. Nothing else to say really.