Monday 8th April 2013

Okay, so it’s Monday. Who even likes Mondays? You’re probably waking up still nursing a hangover from Saturday, questioning why you bet on a Horse that failed miserably at the National and wandering why the hell North Korea haven’t tried to blow something up yet.

To deal with the dreary Monday vibes we are subjected to each week, I am going to focus my posts on all things designed to make you happy and forget that your boss is a douchebag, or your exams are dangerously close and the closest you have come to revision is walking past your local library.

This week’s offering comes from Dirtybird Records, Benji B rocking some orchestral vibes and a little run through some old school rave favourites to get your Monday going.

Dirtybird Players

Dirtybird is a label becoming more and more synonymous with the Bass music scene. Premiered by Claude Von Stroke, they made some serious moves last year with Justin Martin’s ‘Ghettos and Gardens’ one of the undoubted releases of the year. Luckily for us they have decided to showcase the immense firepower they have in their armoury with this naughty, two-part compilation album. This latest offering encompasses both the European contingent within Dirtybird, along with the original ‘Cali Crew’. Spanning from future Dubstep to the Deep House we know and love them for, the Dirtybird Players album is going to be the playlist to a lot of people’s summers.

The album is full of gems; Mark Starr’s ‘Rood Boy’ is a futuristic offering designed to get you moving and ‘Wheelgunner’ is a delightful dub offering from Justin Martin and Ardalan. My personal favourite comes in the form of ‘Black Girls White Girls’ by Kill Frenzy and Nick Monaco, incorporating an increasingly addictive vocal and deep funky bassline, do not be surprised to hear this being dropped by DJs in the near future.

The album is out now, I implore you to check it out.

Benji B & Grant Windsor

Next up is a mix from a couple of months ago that if you haven’t already heard, you’re about to wish that you had. Architected by Radio One DJ Benji B and classical composer Grant Windsor (Yes, you heard correct, a DJ and a Composer), with the help of a 16-piece string ensemble, this 50 minute set crosses genres and boundaries easier than you and I cross the road.

With an eclectic tracklist including; Flying Lotus, Ossie, TNGHT, and Kanye West, this mix explores all corners of the music scene with the string ensemble adding another dimension to the flawlessly mixed tracks. The ensemble is arranged majestically by Windsor, perfectly complimenting Benji’s selection of music. Even if this mix is not your cup of Tea, it is impossible not to enjoy a middle aged composer bouncing around to ‘Higher Ground’ like he has dabbled in some naughty substances that he probably shouldn’t have.


Dwele – A.N.G.E.L
Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
Ossie – Love Crazy
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Wiley – Highs n Lows
S-X – Bricks
Timbaland – Ayo Technology (Instrumental)
TNGHT – Higher Ground
Kanye West – Clique
Drake – Headlines
Jeremih – All The Time
Raphael Saadiq – Skyy Can You Feel Me

Old School Favourites

One of the best things to hear getting dropped at a night? Old school classics designed in every way to get your foot stomping, fist pumping and face smiling. Both of these tracks do exactly that.

Black Box – Ride on Time

Released on Groove Groove Melody some twenty four years ago, ‘Ride on Time’ still goes down an absolute treat whenever it gets dropped. With its contagious Eurodance beat and soulful Heather Small vocal, this tune is, and will continue to be an eternal favourite within the music community.

Prince – I Wanna be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit)

Whilst this mix isn’t anything ground breaking on a production level, it makes you feel seriously good. Dimitri From Paris’s rework of the Prince classic is the absolute epitome of happiness in a song. If I was American and the chance of seven minutes of heaven came about, I would happily chose to spend it alone listening to this tune.