A.I.R 007


An Independent Review with All Kings Die, Glasgow

Who are you and what do you do? Tell a little about the brand and its

We are Tom, Blair and Iain, the brand started just over a year ago now. We had a couple of hundred quid and the idea to make some graphic T-shirts for us and our friends. It was just about making clothes that we liked and having some fun. In a year it has grown more than we expected to be honest and has gone from a hobby to something we are making money at and learning new things every day.

Where are you based? Does this contribute to the kind of work that you put

We are up in Glasgow. I guess we created AKD because we all liked American streetwear brands but we wanted to have something from our hometown that we could wear on the street, in clubs, anywhere really. I suppose our goal is to fill that gap and provide “streetwear” for guys in Glasgow who can’t fully relate to the American brands.

What Inspires and Drives you as a Brand?

Everything man. Big fans of Bobby Hundreds, never miss his blog!

Where could you see yourselves a few years down the line? What’s next for
you as a brand?

This year we will keep putting out T-Shirts and vests before a nice range of headwear and outerwear in the Autumn. After that retail will be the aim. With a larger line in Autumn/Winter, a pop up shop in Glasgow could be on the cards too.

Do any other brands or artists inspire you creatively?

I guess we look up to guys like Bobby Hundreds, Nicky Diamonds, the Only NY guys – people that haven’t compromised and have opened flagship stores in their Hometowns selling the stuff they love. I also like the stuff coming out of Australia and New Zealand – like I Love Ugly and Grand Scheme.

Are you looking to collaborate with any of these artists or brands at all?

Right now we are just focused on putting some awesome gear out over the summer. If there is an opportunity with another small brand that we like – maybe we will take it.

Anything you’d like us to plug or showcase?

Yeah check out the new products over at www.allkingsdie.com and hit us up on Facebook.