AP: Friks84


Artist Profile: Friks84 aka Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez is a graphic design and T-Shirt artist. His complex works have received acclaim from all over the globe. We at H&B really love the designs and have kept up with his extensive collection over the past year. The Osiris “Get That Green” video really shows to all just how much work and effort goes into each design and the painstaking process of getting that design in digital format. We caught up with him at the end of last year just to get to know the man behind the logo.
Specialising in cartoons and type reminiscent of younger, simpler days, we find ourselves drawn to Lopez’ designs more than any one T-Shirt designer we’ve see before. No single designer has produced such a consistently high quality body of work in our eyes. Here are a few of our favourites…

and if you want a little more, check out Friks’ here…


1. For people that don’t know Friks84, tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a Miami based graphic designer that focuses on Tshirt graphics. Started designing back in 2006, but didnt get into tshirts till 2007…thats when I realized that what I wanted to do…So I kept at it working with local brands until some bigger names started emailing me about designing for them…Its been a great journey since then….


2. What is your media? And how did you become familiar with it? Your videos make something incredibly complex look incredibly easy…
My best friend is Adobe Illustrator, we understand eachother, its kind of a relationship we have going on…By me drawing on paper and getting it to a vector form took time…but everything Ive learned in the program has been due to trial an error and making mistakes which teach you another tool….I remember sitting down one day clicking on everything to see what it would do….Still have lots to learn and still learning…


3. From where do you draw your influences? Are there any other artists/illustrators that are really inspiring you at the moment? 
In  my early years, Hydro74 ,123KLAN and BennyGold were very inspiring to me not only for what they created  but branding themselves as an Artist. Now with Instagram I’ve seen a huge amount of talent out there…..The list just goes on from there!


4. We saw that DJ Khaled was wearing one of your designs a while back, is this sort of thing an everyday occurrence now? How would you tip a young designer trying to get to your level?
It always a great feeling seeing big names wear your art…To me it never gets old…Some people paint canvases, I design tshirts. So to have big names wearing it, its an accomplishment most definitely..As far as the newer generation of designers out there…Find your comfort zone in designing and go at it…Mine is toons and typography…..If you like designing, quit now….If you love designing, move forward.


5. Take us through an average day for you. 
Wake up around 8am. Have breakfast or coffee while sorting through emails. Then I make my to do list for the day. Somedays might just be vectoring, some just drawing but mostly its always a combo of both….


6. Do you have anything coming soon that our readers should look out for? 
I thinking about putting a book out…Just something to showcase my work…  Still looking into details.