Summer 2012

Happy H&B Summer.

The early Summer has been a testing time for H&B contributors in more ways than one. All of us have had our heads buried in books for last two months in an attempt to gain good exam results. This has meant we’ve all been fairly lazy on the writing side of things. We all knew this would happen…

However, this has brought us to a better time, now. We now all have much more time on our hands. We’re hoping to bring you a lot of content over the next few months whilst we can fully concentrate on the site, here are a few of the joyful promises we hope to keep…

ARTICLES: We’ve got quite a few articles in the pipeline. The American governmental race and UN political issues are to be addressed with the usual H&B rigour. We have a lot of musicians to showcase for your pleasure along with artists, authors and many more interesting people. These will hopefully be coming at a much faster rate as the H&B family extends itself.

REVIEWS: We’ve been in touch with many brands and will hopefully be delving greater into the inner workings of some of the best UK up and comers. We also hope to have more new media reviews, making H&B a more well rounded source of information.

STORE: We’ve been looking into extending our reach into an online shop for a while now since the success of the t-shirts we put out a few months back. We have got a nice bit of funding and are looking to have the store fully coded and stocked by late october/ early november so keep your eyes peeled for that.

MIXES: The final thing is a few good mixes. We have now networked with a few DJs from the local area and with a few mates from old. We are looking to have a few deep house mixes up over the next month or so and we’ll be extending into some jungle, drum and bass, techno, progressive house and light dubstep mixes later on in the summer.

We hope you’re looking forward to all of this as much as us. We have the time to make a real big push this Summer and have a chance to put H&B where it should be. We hope you can join us on this journey.

Much love from the High&Bye Clan, the more the merrier.