A.I.R 002

An Independent Review with Bright Lights UK

Who are you and what do you do? Tell us a little about the brand and its origins. 

We are Bright Lights, an independant clothing company from the south coast of England. We started just under a year ago and since then have recently re-branded the company.

Where are you based? Does this contribute to the kind of work that you put out?

We’re based right on the coast in a town called Hastings, I have lived here all my life so i think that the location contributes to the company hugely.

What inspires and drives you as a brand?

The inspiration comes from just about anywhere. I am heavily motivated and inspired by my friends and family, music and the world around me.

Where could you see yourselves a few years down the line? Whats next for you as a brand?

I think the main thing for us as a brand is to keep developing and learning. It’s been a fun year so far and i think all we can do is carry on what we’re doing. I hope that a few years down the line we can build up a bigger following and get this brand out to as many people as possible

Anything you’d like us to plug or showcase?




Thanks very much to Bright Lights UK for this collab. Already hit up some of their merchandise and it’s very nice indeed. More to come.