Jessenia Vice

Jessenia Vice – Biography of a Beautiful Human: Part 1 by Matt Jeffery

A model is defined as a person or thing that serves as subject for an artist, writer or sculptor. A fashion model is typically a person who advertises clothes or another type of business for a contracted fee. Jessenia Vice is – it seems – so much more than just a pretty face.

The usual entry into the modelling business is being ‘scouted’ and invited to auditions or having a contact in the industry at some level. Typically, we hear stories of a hard, busy life going to lots of castings, maybe a brief soap opera cameo and disappearance into retirement. Unless you are really lucky or successful, modelling can be a tough career choice.

Vice seems to be a very conservative soul. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey in Pennington Courts projects, deemed to be one of the most dangerous of its kind. Excelling in High School and College, she never planned on entering the modelling industry. Qualifying and obtaining a good job was her main concern as a young woman and even after being approached several times by agents – one of which being Rosa Acosta’s manager Charles Gardner – still felt she was too young. In mid 2009, Jessenia took part in the Kim Kardashian lookalike competition held on the Tyra Banks show. She won the competition on the show but thought that her 15 minutes may be up. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Being so culturally diverse, her look appealed to many different markets and dispelled any thoughts in her own mind that she was only a Kim lookalike. Despite this, Vice decided that the baggage that came with becoming a sex symbol did not appeal to her and deleted her MySpace page – the page that got her noticed in the beginning. In 2010, before Vice could completely fall off the radar, her grandmother gave her an inspirational talk about enjoying life and not giving up on whats important. Sadly, Vice’s grandmother passed on later that year but the message still stood. Almost one month later, Jessenia Vice received a phone call regarding a possible cover shoot for O.Y.E Magazine Issue 49. Something special was beginning…

Since this time, Jessenia has been the lead in numerous high profile music videos, some short films and more than a few magazine features. Her career has gone from strength to strength in the 2 or 3 years she has enjoyed in the industry. Last year, she won Nelly’s Miss Apple Bottoms 2011, the first time a woman from Latin origin has fronted the campaign. Currently, Jessenia is planning on expanding her media portfolio like many glamour models that have gone before her. She has castings all over the US, more magazine features and media tours (most notably in her home nation of Ecuador) upcoming.

Despite the subtitle, I didn’t begin writing this article hoping that people would read it because there’s a incredibly beautiful woman on the feature cover. There are millions of beautiful women out there, in fact I don’t think that there are many women that aren’t beautiful in some way. I started this article on Ms Vice because she stood out as a hard working and inspirational human being. A woman who never planned to get into modelling has become one of the most famous in her field in under 4 years almost by accident. This could all have been undone had her late grandmother not given her the strength to do so. There’s also the fact that she has successfully trained as and has worked as a psychiatric nurse whilst all this has been happening. That is not all, however. Due to her reservations about being a model in the first place, she has not succumbed to the dangers of being in the limelight. Beautiful women like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have been broken by an industry obsessed with sex and the next ‘pretty young thing’. In an interview with, Jessenia explains how she’ll never have regrets: “I’ve always played it smart and safe”. For these reasons, she is an inspiration for anyone lacking motivation in their field. These are the same reasons I chose to write about this particular beautiful human being.

Much like Moruf and Serge Seidlitz in previous articles, the underlining theme is hard graft and aspiration. I think respect is earned through effort and achievement. Vice currently has a radio show Vice City, works at the Psych ER and still finds time to tend her blossoming career as a model. One of the most important things I see here is how Vice came to floor on the back of looking like Kim Kardashian. I think anyone who now follows Vice has forgotten about that and will wax lyrical about how she has carved her own story so quickly and easily. We at H&B wish her every success in the future and hope that this industry and its dangers don’t take hold of this (role) model anytime soon.

“I’ve been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible…”