Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa: Fraud by George Mole

Mother Teresa was not who you think she was, and did not stand for what you thought she did. As, the late Christopher Hitchens observed, Mother Teresa was “corrupt, nasty, cynical and cruel.” Yes, you read that correctly. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhui, who styled herself to the rest of the world as “Mother” Teresa, was a deluded old woman who aimed to further her own image and neglected to help the poor and sick, but rather, she sadistically reveled in their suffering.

At this point, you may be thinking that I have become confused and researched about the wrong person, the other ‘Mother Teresa’ perhaps? Well, you would be sorely mistaken. The Mother Teresa myth is probably the most successful con-job in history, fraught with the regular corruption and dishonesty, we have come to expect from the Catholic Church.

MT has been internationally revered for her ‘spiritual work’ by many cultures around the world. She received the Nobel Peace Prize and 120 other international prizes during her lifetime and was publicly endorsed by influential people all over the world. Most relevant here is her blessing of the hell-bound. MT endorsed the heinous rule of the Duvalier family in Haiti in the 1970s after accepting their dirty money, (accumulated through “Baby Doc’s” heavy involvement in the drugs trade and stealing from their own people). This money did not go to the Haitian victims, who by this stage were the poorest in the Americas thanks to their ruler, nor to the slum dogs of Calcutta or India. MT used her accumulated wealth of over $50,000,000 on ‘religious activities’, which meant setting up nunneries in hundreds of countries rather than improving the abysmal condition of her death camps around the world, which typify squalor and disease. Additionally, Charles Keating, who caused 21,000 old folks in the USA to lose their life savings, bought spiritual repentance from the most popular nun of the 20th Century. What kind of God, or religious institution would allow this? The Catholic Church, of course…

On October 19, 2003, Pope John Paul II accepted the showbiz, fame and populist hearsay surrounding MT and “beatified” her, the first step to making her a saint of the Church. But this is not evidence for her good work as it may suggest. Rather, it exposes the fallacy that the world has accepted as truth. The rule of the Church is that two ‘miracles’ must be performed by the proposed saint, after their death to prove their eligibility for ascension to saint hood. Two ‘miracles’. I highlight this point, (I’m sure to the relief of the rationalist thinkers amongst my audience) because first off, ‘miracles’ do not exist – fact. Second, the ‘miracle’ the Church accepted was transparently faked. Monica Besra, a woman from Bengal, believed that a beam of light from a picture of MT she just happened to have in her home, cured her cancerous tumor. In fact, her husband alerted researchers to her physician, Dr. Ranjan Mustafi, who diagnosed her illness was a tubular cyst that he treated with a course of prescription medicines. Conveniently, the Vatican vetting officers glanced over this minor set back and failed to interview the woman’s husband or physician in order to aid Pope John Paul II’s plan of performing a Sainthood in his lifetime. Thirdly, the Pope also changed the amount of time that must pass before someone may be nominated for Sainthood, all to speed up the process in order to perform the ceremony in his own lifetime to satisfy his ego. These are the acts of most catholic men in the world…interesting.

Let’s not forget where it all started. Stories of the legendary flagship death camp, the ‘Home for the Dying’ in Calcutta, India has brought tears to the eyes of the steeliest men, but the reality is scandalous. Described as the “grimmest place imaginable,” by Dr. Aroup Chatterjee, he has reported on how these human beings are subjected to conditions you would expect to see on an episode of “Big Trouble in Thailand” on BBC3. They may not leave their raggedy hammocks. They may not have visitors, even family members. They must use communal toilet rooms, where patients have to defecate in public. Kelly Dunham, an ex-nun for the “Missionaries of Charity” has explained how no attempt is made to supply medical treatment to the sick and the nuns are asked to dislocate themselves from bonding with the victims who are only there to await death (I’m sure it would be a sweet relief in that place.) At the ‘heart’ of MT’s religious beliefs is the preaching of a ‘Cult of Death.’ Answering a victim of her ‘Home for the Dying’ she proclaimed, “You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you!” The man obviously became furious and screamed back, “Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing!”

If your nurse kept you in these conditions, and wouldn’t allow you to receive any of your necessary medication not even those to ease your suffering, how would you feel? I suppose you would be relieved to know that she would be convicted for medical negligence and probably have to serve a life-sentence in prison. MT did this to thousands of paupers, and she’s being made a Saint. This is the Catholic Church. This makes perfect sense to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the USA, who said on camera how, “MT wanted people to live in impoverished conditions so that she could identify with the poor, whom she is serving.” This retarded religious view is both astoundingly ignorant and cancerous. There was no spiritual or even emotional qualities to this withered old woman, only imbecilic beliefs that ensured the suffering of the poor and tactics to steal money for the Vatican and her organisation under false pretenses. All of this was probably to ensure her ascension into the highest echelon of heaven and yet people still aim to replicate her work – it’s a disgrace.

The crux of this article is not to repute religious beliefs altogether, although I would like to tackle that issue at some point during my time here, but instead, I wish to highlight the atrocious example MT provided to the world, which essentially ensured the death of thousands of sick people that could have been cured with medicine, if only someone had tried. Furthermore, the highest figures of the Catholic Church are some of the worst role models in the world. They are derogatory, and deceitful to their congregation, as religious figures have always been, as well as hoarding money from criminals and storing it in the Vatican bank. It is no coincidence that the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ are the only religious charity to refuse to publish their accounts. So we rely on the rational empiricists for truth. Scientists to expose the truth beneath the bed of lies. Sanal Edamaruku, President of the organisation, Rationalist International commented that, “India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa,” and frankly, neither does anyone else.

“Faith is the surrender of the mind, it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other mammals.”