Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un – “Supreme Leader” by George Mole

At an estimated age of just 28 years old, Kim Jong-un, recently became the youngest head of state in the world. Notice I said head of state, because he’s not the president. No, no. Kim Il-sung, Jong-un’s far from recently deceased grandfather, assumed the title of “Eternal President of the Republic,” so technically, he’s still in charge. Welcome to the Kim dynasty…

There has been much controversy over the apparition of the new, “Supreme Leader” in the International Community and questions have mainly pertained to his suitability for the tenure. Inheriting one of the poorest countries in the world isn’t a commitment to be taken lightly, like a new fad diet, or becoming the Chief Regulatory Officer at the IMF. But after two years of specialist grooming for the position, the state-media claim that guided by the elite military council of North Korea, Kim Jong-un will truly, make a ‘supreme’ leader.

Then again, the North Korean state-run media has made some bewildering, prodigious claims in the past. Even with thousands of people to brutally murder, Kim Jong-il apparently found the time to exhibit a plethora of supernatural talents. For example, as a first time golfer he reportedly potted no less than 11 hole-in-one’s to score 38-under par, just before he graciously retired from the sport; it was unfair on everyone else. He even invented the infamous, “Double Bread with Meat,” known in the West as the Hamburger. No wonder North Koreans are told that Kim Jong-il was loved the world over! But now the state-media is show casing signs of desperation to smooth the transition of power in Pyongyang. The latest propaganda is a documentary, aired on Kim Jong-un’s supposed birthday (8. January), which claims he is a ‘military genius’ – a very likely description of an untested, swiss educated, secret heir to the Dynasty. (Oh, and he also mastered driving at 3 years old, there’s mixed reports on whether he passed his test first time).

The eldest son of Kim Jong-il, and the Supreme Leader’s half-brother is Kim Jong-nam. In a recently published book, by Yoji Gomi, Jong-nam has judged his brother’s ascension “a joke,” as well as predicting the collapse of the North Korean regime. “Without reforms and liberalization, the collapse of the economy is within sight,” Mr. Kim commented. “But reforms and opening up could also invite dangers for the regime.” Jong-nam tried to reason with his father on the benefits of opening up their economy and embracing some Western culture, but after being caught with a fake Brazilian passport on a trip to Disneyland, Japan, this was the last straw – they severed their ties for good.

As teenagers, both brothers fully embraced Western culture. Jong-un owned an extensive collection of Nike trainers, and was fascinated with the NBA. So it begs the question, is Kim Jong-un a threat to the international community, let alone the North Korean peasant population?
Well, to be honest, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be doing much at all. Kim Jong-un is a “figurehead,” says Jong-nam, who will be controlled by the military council his father used. Hopefully he isn’t going to be carrying on with the deportation of people deemed disabled or too small, as to eliminate them from the North Korean gene pool his father implemented.
Thus in reality, the puppetted portrayal of the North Korean regime in, ‘Team America: World Police,’ is more synonymous now than ever before. However, a power struggle
could ensue between the puppet and it’s master. Chang Song-taek, the uncle of Jong-un, who was once purged for ‘re-education’, is said to be a key figure in guiding the new leader and Jong-nam believes any necessary liberal reforms pushed by Jong-un may provoke a power struggle with Song-taek.
North Korea has been a pest and a menace to the international community for too long, but with gentle liberal reforms and a power struggle on the cards, it is unlikely to be an immediate threat to the rest of the world. It is to be hoped that Jong-un’s Western education taught him the value of a liberal economy and the dangers of nuclear proliferation through mutually assured destruction. Unfortunately, the outlook is far bleaker for the North Korean people…

“is Jong-un a threat to the international community?”